Lifetime limited non-factory warranty on all new Toyotas. Good at participating dealerships nationwide. No additional charge. See dealer for details.
    The first 2 years/25,000 miles are covered under the Toyota Care program.
    Diminished value vehicle protection. 1 year $5,000 benefit included on every new vehicle.
    You get 5 years of Roadside Assistance, regardless of miles!
    We value your time. That’s why with any major service at Pinehurst Toyota, you will receive the use of a complimentary loaner.
    If within 3 days of purchasing your new vehicle from us, you find a lower price on the exact same vehicle on our lot, we will refund you 100% of the difference!

For more information visit here!

Pinehurst Toyota Advantage Plan

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Toyota 3 Row SUV: Which Should You Buy?

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When looking at the 3 row SUVs from Toyota, it can be challenging to even know where to begin. Which Toyota 3 row SUV model should you buy? The answer depends on your specific needs, and how each model can meet them. It’s important to consider factors like slight differences in versatility, dependability, or performance….

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What is Toyota Safety Sense?

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One feature you might hear about when shopping for a Toyota is TSS. TSS, or Toyota Safety Sense, is a feature that comes standard on a range of Toyota models.  But what exactly is Toyota Safety Sense? Simply put, it’s a bundle of active safety features designed to protect drivers and passengers from harm. This…

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A Guide to Winter Tire Pressure

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With decreasing temperatures, maintaining proper tire pressure during the winter can be a real challenge. During the winter, tire pressure should be checked every two weeks. According to most manufacturer recommendations, keeping your winter tires inflated will help maintain good traction. It will also improve your handling on slippery, icy surfaces. This is true no…

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How to Keep a Car Battery Charged in Winter

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Keeping a car battery charged isn’t always as easy as it sounds, especially during winter. Many find themselves wondering how to keep a car battery charged in winter, especially when their batteries die left and right. Batteries lose charge from operation year-round, but they especially lose charge in colder months. This loss can be reduced…

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How to Find Your Toyota Trade-In Value

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Most people looking to buy a new car often find savings by trading in their old vehicle. The trade-in value of your used vehicle can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. With trade-in value rates at historically high levels, now is a great time to sell.  So for Toyota drivers, how do you…

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6 Toyota Accessories You’re Going to Love

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Toyota is America’s best-selling car brand for a number of reasons. Toyota vehicles are as durable and reliable as any on the road, and they have something for everybody. Drivers can also enhance their Toyotas with Toyota accessories to customize their vehicles to their liking. No matter what Toyota model you drive, you can improve…

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Is the Toyota Tacoma or the Tundra the Right Pickup Truck for You?

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Do Toyota Hybrids Require More Maintenance Than Other Cars?

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Which Toyota Hybrid Has the Most Seating

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Toyota vehicles are among the most trusted cars on the road. There are a number of reasons for this. From their extreme durability, low-cost maintenance, and exceptional safety. With the auto industry shifting more heavily toward electric vehicles, Toyota hybrid models are now among the best on the market.  Toyota offers one of the most…

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How Can I Know If My Car is in the Latest Toyota Recall?

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Auto manufacturers will occasionally issue a recall on certain vehicles. Often these recalls are to fix small potential issues, but other times the problems can be more serious. The latest Toyota recall involves select 2022 Toyota RAV4 models and a potential malfunction with the passenger-side airbag detection. Per Toyota’s official press release, a total of…

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