Pinehurst Toyota EZ Upgrade Program in Southern Pines, NC




The Pinehurst Toyota EZ Upgrade Program Allows Eligible Customers to easily upgrade their current vehicle for a newer one with the same or similar monthly payment.


  1. A newer vehicle with a full warranty and improved features.
      • a. Customers who are eligible to exchange their vehicle enjoy the

    cost savings

      of driving a newer more fuel-efficient vehicle with a full warranty as well as all the new technology features that are built into our latest models.
  2. More Money for your Trade-In
      a. Pinehurst Toyota has a growing need for reliable pre-owned vehicles. This allows us to offer you more than the market value for your vehicle.
  3. Low Monthly Payments
      • a.

    Finance Rates

      • are currently at historical lows. This helps us to provide lower monthly payments on new and

    certified pre-owned


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