True accident forgiveness


Don’t let an accident affect the re-sell or trade-in value of your vehicle. Even if fully repaired, vehicles involved in accidents suffer depreciation up to 30%. That’s why Pinehurst Toyota is offering ValueShield®—diminished value vehicle protection. Value Shield is not insurance, its way to get 1-year, $5000 benefit included on your new vehicle. Value Shield can even get you up to $10,000 more when you trade in or sell your car.


  • ValueShield® is a simple and INEXPENSIVE way to PROTECT the value of your vehicle.
    • Accidents happen…it’s a part of life, be sure to protect the value of your vehicle.
  • Loss of value
    • Once your vehicle has been in an accident, the value of your vehicle diminishes by up to 30%, auto insurance will not protect the value of your vehicle, ValueShield will.
  • Get Peace of mind with ValueShield®
    • ValueShield® helps increase the trade-in value of your vehicles by up to $10,000.*

ValueShield® is not insurance. ValueShield® is a contract for the sale and purchase of a motor vehicle for a price tied to an index subject to certain terms and conditions. The information provided in this brochure is intended to provide only a general description of ValueShield®, should not be considered comprehensive, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for the actual ValueShield® contract wording. Refer to the contract wording for the complete terms and conditions. ValueShield® is a registered trademark of Value Guard, LLC. © 2016 by Value Guard, LLC.


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