Lease-End Process

Toyota Lease-End Process in Southern Pines, NC, Serving Aberdeen & Raeford

When you’re near the end of your Toyota lease, visit Pinehurst Toyota in Southern Pines, NC ‐ Aberdeen, Sanford, Pinehurst, Fayetteville, Raeford, and Hamlet. We’ll make sure your lease transition is simple and stress-free!

90 Days from Lease End

As you near the final three months of your Toyota lease, you’ll want to start considering your options. The first option is to simply turn in your vehicle and walk away; however, we’d love to keep you as one of our loyal customers. If you’ve fallen in love with your Toyota (and we totally understand if you have), you can either buy that vehicle or extend your lease for a little longer. Finally, if you’re seeing all the new models and your nose is a little itchy for that new car smell, you can buy or lease a brand-new Toyota model. The choice is yours, and we’re here to help you make that decision!

60 Days from Lease End

When you hit 60 days from the end of your lease, Pinehurst Toyota will happily perform a complimentary vehicle inspection to see if any repairs are needed. We can do this inspection at your home, workplace, or another location you deem convenient. If your Toyota does need repairs, our Service Center will take care of those as quickly as possible. Then, hold on to your receipts to verify that the repairs were completed.

30 Days from Lease End

Once you begin your final month in your Toyota lease, contact Pinehurst Toyota to schedule your turn-in appointment, if you decide on that option. When you come in with your vehicle, you must make sure you have all the items that came with your vehicle ‐ including the keys, key fobs, owner’s manual, spare tire, head rests, and third row seats (if applicable). Our team will make the process quick and easy!